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2016 GulfStreamer Results

Highlights from the James Bond Party - Bonding on the River

Summer Sailing Camp 2016 - Week 2


Gulfstreamer Playlist

Commodores at the 120th Dinner

From left: Glen Wagner (2016), Lynn McCoy (2009), Dave Huff (Rear Commodore 2016), Chris Brown (2007), Jim O'Shaughnessy (2005), Robert Sheld (1966), Bennett Ford (2008), Margaret Yaeger (2015), and Michel McQuarrie (2013).
2016 Clubhouse with 2005 Clubhouse

Introduction to the club...  
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The Halifax River Yacht Club, founded in 1896, is the oldest yacht club on the east coast still on its original site. It is the only private organization in continuous operation - 1896 to the present - in the Daytona Beach area. The primary objective of the Halifax River Yacht Club is to encourage the improvement of the marine industry in the Daytona Beach area, as well as develop youth and family programs to encourage greater awareness of the Halifax River ecosystem.

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