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The Commodears are a group of approximately ninety ladies who meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 10:30 a.m. The group was formed in February 1974, under Commodore Richard Brown, Vice Commodore Ted Scantlebury, and Rear Commodore Wallace Wojyla. Our general purpose is to raise money to buy "niceties" for the Yacht Club.

In addition, the Commodears' projects include Birthday/Anniversary Night, the Ships Store, The Welcoming Committee, and the Red Cross Blood Drive .

The Commodears play bridge on the second Tuesday and the last Thursday of each month.

The dues are $10.00 per year.

Commodear members are ladies of the Halifax River Yacht Club, whether members or the wives of members or significant others.

Our board members for 2014 are:

Chairman: Joan Leyland 
Vice Chairman: Darcy Stevens 
Secretary: Sue Janaro 
Treasurer: Gloria Keay 
Immediate Past Chair: Joan Fritz 
Carol Adamek Jackie Young
Joan Baber Mary Micker
Michelle Bilach Helena Montgomery
Alice Brittingham Ellen O'Shaughnessy
Nancy Brown Audrey Ottenstein
Caroline Cappelli Marian Pipes
Anita Clark Patricia Pressley
Judy Cochrane Sally Reeder
Rusty Culler Ann Richards
Kathy Dietrich Joy Robinson
Barbara Doliner Margaret Russo
Rosemarie Dolinka Joan Shaw
Mary Douglas Lee Sherman
Dorothy Douglas Beverly Shook
Margot Elsey Ruth Snyder
Doris Fix Mary Ann Sperduti
Pam Ford Joan Stanco
Joan Fritz Jill Stephens
Carolyn Goergen Alta Stevens
Joen Guenther Darcy Stevens
Margie Headley Dianne Stevens
Nancy Hersey Eloise Stewart
Page Hill Gini Sultzman
Susan Janaro Pat Thayer
Barbara Jennings Magie Thompson
Gloria Keay Linda Underwood
Midge Lee Blanche Voetberg-Newman
Rose Lenihan Sandy Wester
Joan Leyland Suzy Wymes
Sybil Martin V/C Margaret Yaeger